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The pleasure of real estate

Emma, the founder of Metropolitan Properties, is American but grew up in Paris. ​


She was educated in both countries, at Columbia University and the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris, understanding both mindsets. ​


She works tirelessly to find the right property for every client, ensuring that they become knowledgeable about Paris real estate and the acquisition process, so that they can be confidently joyful with their acquisition.



vendre ma maison france

Bill and Carole K

Thank you so much! We are really excited about the apartment. It’s so funny — we started our search looking for a renovated property in the Saint Germain area and wound up chosing a property in need of renovations in the Marais. We are so grateful we are working with Emma. Her expertise & hard work made our search extremely efficient and pleasant. We really appreciated her guidance during the search. Plus, her advice on our offer’s structure was superb.

Salon élégant
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